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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Please be kind, and Rewind time!

Will miss Blockbuster - good memories, good times. But I miss the video store in general. I was so upset when Blockbuster swooped in and closed all the Movies at Homes stores. I loved Movies at Home and old school Movies Tonight! Used to rent every horror flick when I was a kid. This was before internet so we couldn't go to IMDB and look up someone's filmography. If we wanted to watch every single Van Damme movie in existence, we had to look at the back of the video tapes to see what it said he had been in. We saw every movie he made until the late nineties. There was a lot! Once (as a young teen), a friend and I walked 2 miles to rent Men at Work at Blockbuster and on the way home we stopped by the store and accidentally left the movie at the pay phone. When we realized it and ran back it was stolen! OMG the fees. OMG! LoL. So many memories!!! If we could only go back!


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