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Monday, September 2, 2013

Write for YOU

Several people have told me lately that they don’t do anything creative because they either “can’t” or when they’ve tried they’ve been criticized to the point of no longer trying. This is disheartening, and I have felt it myself in the past; I think we all do at some point.

Most of us have occasion to doubt ourselves. Some of us do it quite often. If I could give a single piece of advice to anyone it would be this: Stop that! I know it seems hard, but stop doubting yourself. Instead, love yourself as you love your craft. Forget the world exists and be proud of your own work.  Whether you write, paint, draw, sculpt, whittle, or compose music, you work is a part of you; it’s your creative expression; it’s your creation; and it’s yours to be proud of. As it harms none, do what makes you happy and let that happiness fill you completely. Your creation comes from deep within your own soul; and that is something that can never be duplicated, never be taken from you, and should never be judged. Your personal creation is just that, yours. Own it. It represents a peace that was once within you, a peacefulness you should continue to feel once you have brought it to gleaming life. Love yourself, love your creation, and remember, criticism is for those who can’t, don’t, and wish they had it in them to try. So leave the self-doubt for them, you’ve got this.

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