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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Emerald Isle (Preview)

Emerald Isle (Paranormal Romance)

The morning was dark and gray. The sun was absent and the air was cool. The town of Kilcrohane had not been as silent in many years. One could scarcely hear the crashing of the ocean waves against the stony shore, and the wafts of the gusting wind in the trees, but all other sounds ceased. The birds and even the crickets could not be heard, and the townspeople shut themselves inside their homes and locked their doors. Shopkeepers and pub owners closed early. They were familiar with this silence, and those who were young recalled the tales of what this air would bring.
One was never sure when the time would come. Days and sometimes weeks of terror, not knowing when he would strike—never knowing who would be his next victim, but knowing that victims he would indubitably take....

Available October 1, 2013 - Get yours first at Amazon.com


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