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Monday, September 2, 2013

55 Fiction: Release

Micro fiction story of 55 words or less. Must have a setting, a character, and a resolution to some condition or conflict. Learned about this some time ago, and this was what I came up with at the time. I think I'll try a 66 fiction - up next.


I stood engulfed by the chill of night. The woods were pitch but for the glimmer of moonlight peering through the leaves above. I could not see the mist of my icy breath, yet I stood alone—placidly, silently against the frigid spruce. Suddenly, the searing moistness of his tender lips soothed my waiting neck. 

©2011 Maria Christine

Character = "I"

Setting = "Woods"

Condition = "Alone" and "Cold"

Resolution to both = (alone) He arrived, and (cold) his searing lips warmed her up

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