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Monday, May 13, 2013

Disney changing Merida's look - Seriously???

Isn't conformity what she was fighting against the entire movie???

Everyone has the right to their opions, but mine is this: I'm pro-REAL-WOMAN and I signed this petition.

Sign this petition to stop Disney from changing Merida! https://www.change.org/petitions/disney-say-no-to-the-merida-makeover-keep-our-hero-brave

We love Merida because of what she is: strong, brave, and above all she is true to herself. And the movie showed that from beginning to end. She didn’t need to be a frilly princess, she didn’t need marriage to make her complete, and she didn’t need to show off her shoulders and primp her hair and make up to be beautiful. We women and girls rejoiced when we saw Brave because we felt for the first time in our lives that Disney was showing us in a light that was actually representative of who we are. Don’t shut that down. Taking it away is like saying you made a mistake, which is worse than if you’d never made her “real” to begin with. -MC

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