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Monday, February 13, 2012


I was making a list of my new favorite things and got to thinking about the romantic aspect of it. Think about this:

If you were snowed in at a cabin in the mountains–with your favorite hero, of course, what 10 things would you hope to find in your overnight bag? This is also assuming the cabin is already stocked with firewood, blankets, food, etc. I thought of the these. Any other ideas?

1) Blistex Complete Moisture—Oh yes, must have soft lips!
2) A really good body lotion
3) Toothbrush & tooth paste (I say that counts as one!)
4) MP3 player loaded with all the good old R&B cuts
5) A Coke and a smile – I could only come up with five! Oh well, if you’ve got your hero – what else do you need? Your strength, that’s what! lol

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